Tired of not getting the results you want and know there has to be a better way?

…and it’s the FASTEST way to increase turnover and cashflow for your company.

As the owner of a start-up, you’re passionate about your business. You’re motivated. You have belief in yourself and your offering. You’re excited to let everyone know about your amazing venture. You’re working hard to turn your dream into reality and are counting on this to be part of your future. You now also realise there is so much to get done, clients aren’t coming in as quickly as you’d hoped, and cash flow is tight -money is going out faster than it’s coming in.

Unsure of where to start, look or begin?

Are you trying a lot of different things – HOPING it will bring you clients and sales fast. At this stage you’ll take anyone as a new client, so you can keep paying the bills. You know you need to put the work in to get the business going, but it’s all getting stressful now. You’re working long hours for little return – and it’s harder than you thought.

It’s overwhelming just thinking about all the things you should be doing, and there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. You’re so busy, but still aren’t getting anywhere fast.

I’ve designed this proven step by step online program to

provide you with the right plan, tools and strategy to achieve the rapid growth that you’re looking for.

This is what works in the “real world” and has achieved results for hundreds of small businesses like yours. We believe in making business “easier, not harder” so we want to help you FAST TRACK results – by giving you the training, helping you learn new important skills, and providing you with winning resources, strategies, support and downloads that can be used in your business tomorrow!

Each module builds on the one before and is designed to be short enough to fit into your busy schedule, but you have access for long enough to give you the time you need to implement it in your business and teach you vital new business skills.

THE FAST TRACK START UP PROGRAM™ could be just what you need!

This program guides you through an easy to follow, step by step process to help you set up the foundations, generate new clients, increase sales and FAST TRACK results.

We believe in “do it once, and do it right” and know this is the best and easiest way for you to build your business.

In just 6 modules you will learn how to:

  • Develop your own 90 Day Power Plan
  • ​Create winning systems to position your business for growth
  • ​Learn new sales skills to “ask for the sale” in a confident, natural way
  • ​Introduce low cost clever strategies to market your company and generate new top quality clients
  • ​Develop a strong proactive team around you and build your network to become your new sales people
  • ​Create time saving strategies to help you Fast Track results and work fewer hours and to create the next steps for the success of your business.

Module 1 - Business and Strategy – The Power of Planning

This is where we start. It doesn’t matter how long anyone has been in business – 3 months, 3 years or 30 years – every successful company needs a strong plan. This is where every successful business starts – and this can transform your company within 12 months.

If planning isn’t one of your favourite past times – then we’re here to help – because we love Business and Strategic Planning. That’s why we have created to the point, easy-to- complete Strategic Plans that will help you focus on money-making activity, and ensure you are working on the right things, at the right time, in the right order, to get the best results.

In this module you will learn how to create a powerful 90 Day Action Plan, to focus on important money-making activity, and how to hold yourself accountable to get results.

  • Learn the dangers of not planning – and the expensive lessons if you work without one.
  • ​The 3 key questions you MUST ask yourself, and the simple steps in the process to safeguard your business.
  • ​WHAT you need to do to keep it simple, practical and focused on clients, sales and increasing cash flow.
  • ​HOW to tailor make your individual 90 Day Power Plan – and drive faster results.
  • ​Put your own 90 Day Challenge into practice and have fun while you do it!

Module 2 - Systems for Success

Now you’ve developed your 90 Day Action Plan and you’ve set your goals, you know exactly WHAT you are going to do to drive growth in your business.

The next step is to put the systems in place to support this. If you’re serious about growing your business, you must have the systems in place first.

This is where many companies fail! They may grow quickly but they don’t have the internal structure to handle that fast growth and an influx of new clients. This can lead to chaos, and the business implodes.

That’s why the 2nd module is all about setting up your systems, so the business runs smoothly, you maintain your high service standards, clients are happy, and in turn refer more customers to you. In this module you will learn the most critical systems EVERY business needs, how to avoid the most common mistakes, and the easy 3 step process to set your business up to scale and expand:

  • The 2 key things you should NEVER do as a start up.
  • ​How to know what is important, what to prioritise and what is costing you time and money.
  • ​How to make it easier for people to buy from you!
  • ​Create your own cheatsheet and 3 step process to set up any system you need now and in the future.

Module 3 - The Secret to Sales… For the Non-Sales Person

With a firm foundation in place, and the internal systems set up to support your growth – now it’s time for SALES.

How do you feel about sales? Do you love it and can’t wait to sell something? Or could this be you, “I’m good at talking about my business but I’m no good at sales. I’m not confident and don’t want to be pushy." I hear this a lot from business owners and I do understand that not everyone finds it easy. HOWEVER – this is one of the most important skills for you to master. Because you don’t have a business if you can’t sell what you do!

In this module you will learn clever strategies and beliefs about sales, we will show you the exact steps of WHAT your clients want, HOW they want it, and how you can GIVE it to them. Plus you will develop your own winning sales process that you can use to convert new clients faster and easier.

Learn the 7 key essential steps in the sales cycle:

  • The secret to successful selling and how you can do this too.
  • ​How to convert more quotes, proposals, enquiries into sales.
  • ​How to ask for the sale in a natural, confident way.
  • ​Powerful closing strategies – EXACTLY what to say and HOW to say it to win the business.
  • ​Develop your own winning sales process to use in your business immediately!

Module 4 - Mastering the Art of Marketing

Every successful business is driven by effective marketing. It’s a skill which every owner- manager has to grasp – and quickly.

This module is all about how to use smart, low-cost strategies to attract your ideal clients who need what you offer, have a budget, value your services and can become the platform for your further growth.

In this module you will:

  • Get to grips with marketing fundamentals, so that you can identify which strategies are going to work for you and determine where you need to start.
  • ​Discover the most common (and costliest) marketing mistakes made by start-ups, and how you can avoid them.
  • ​Recognise that not all customers are created equal! How to define and attract your Class A and Class B clients – and deter the Class F…
  • ​Understand the real differences between online and offline promotion. HOW and WHY you need to get both working together.
  • ​Learn how to present your services so that it’s easier for your customers to buy from you.
  • ​Gain 3 key marketing strategies that are easy-to- implement, low-cost – and proven to get RESULTS!

Module 5 - Building your Winning Network

As any owner-manager will tell you, trying to grow a business on your own is really hard. For long-term viability – and for the sake of your own sanity – it’s essential to build and maintain a strong network around you.

Trusted, diverse and knowledgeable partners could help you transform your business. Colleagues, associates, referral partners, suppliers, contractors, strategic alliances with complementary organisations.

It really is possible to have an amazing sales team – even if you don’t have staff!

In this module you will learn:

  • The 2 key strategies you need RIGHT NOW to establish your very own business network to help you scale your business.
  • ​The skills to develop an external sales team who’ll rave about you.
  • ​Simple techniques to get people excited about what you do.
  • ​How to network like a pro, including how to overcome the fear and shyness when you’re faced with a roomful of strangers.
  • ​The absolute turn-offs. What NOT to do and how NOT to behave if you want to nurture genuine long-lasting relationships.
  • ​To identify who are your natural strategic partners – and how to nurture your relationship with them for mutual benefit.
  • ​The importance of an effective, personalised referral program. How to design one that will reward your partners AND bring you more Class A clients.

Module 6 - Ramping Up your Business, without Ramping Up your Hours

No matter how busy you are growing your business, you still only have a finite number of hours in the day. You can increase your clients, your profits, your staff – but never the time available to you.

That’s why it’s crucial to make the most of every precious minute.

In this module, you will learn how to:

  • Use a specially designed Time Waster Checklist to see where you can save valuable work time.
  • ​STOP procrastinating and wasting time on tasks that aren’t money-making activities.
  • ​Prioritise effectively. What’s really important – when everything seems urgent?
  • ​Harness the power of delegation, so you can focus on the things which bring clients and income through the door.
  • ​Outsource. How to select the appropriate contractors and suppliers who can support your growing business, without having to employ full-time or costing the earth.
  • ​Get more done in less time. 3 winning methods to get maximum productivity from every hour of every day.

Will This Work for You?

This Fast Track Start Up Program WILL change the direction of your business, but is only for business owners serious and determined to apply the principles they learn and take action. The bottom line is – we can provide the winning strategies, support, training, etc (that are PROVEN to get results) we KNOW works and has created successful 6 and 7 figure companies, but it will only get results if YOU do the work.

So if you’re looking for a “magic pill" or a “magic wand" that’ll make you money, this is not the program for you.

Where would you like your business to be in a year, 2 years from now? About the same place you’re at now struggling each day or on the FAST TRACK to success?


Stop wishing and hoping.

Start investing in YOUR business success TODAY!


Client Success Stories and results generated for other kiwi business owners that I have been lucky enough to work with

30% increase in Sales in 6 months

“I worked with Fiona because I felt stuck and wasn’t sure how to grow my business. We quickly put simple systems and processes in place with existing and new clients and sales grew rapidly. I created new information and marketing material which clearly explained what I do and the benefits to my patients, and this has led to me being invited to attend events and speak about my products and what I do. All of this means a huge increase in self-belief when you see these good things happening. My income has also increased by around 30% this year. I could not recommend Fiona and what she does enough, it has been so valuable to me and my business."

Leanne Koorey
Director – Family Focus Remedial Therapies

Fiona is by far the best coach I’ve had!

“Before working with Fiona, my biggest fear/worry about hiring a coach was that I’d end up spending a lot of money & not getting much out of it. I chose Fiona & her BreakThrough Women in Business Program after researching a huge number of coaches, because it was important for me to find someone who was capable & able to make a measurable difference to my business.I’ve worked with mentors in the past but Fiona is by far the best coach I have had! I definitely made the right choice! The results from working with Fiona & the BreakThrough Women in Business Program were a total success! Fiona has helped me organize, structure, set & meet targets, clarify and the amount that I’ve achieved working alongside her has been amazing! I have received real value working together with Fiona & I say if you are thinking of getting Fiona on board, Do it! You’ll see results quickly!

Sharlene Ferguson
Director – Focal Point Photos

Sales Module is a GAME CHANGER!

“Since joining the Fast Track Start Up Program™ I have written myself a comprehensive 90-day action plan and am actively checking in on it to make sure I’m on target. The systems module helped me realise that I’m more of a visual-tactile person so I’ve created a post-it note wall with my sales targets and pipeline – now it’s not hidden away on my computer and I look at it much more often. I’m also actually excited about sales!!!  It doesn’t feel half as scary anymore and I’m even looking forward to following up leads and putting my new skills into practice! The sales module has been a game changer for me. I’ve realised there were so many holes in my sales process that was losing me a lot of money!  I’m now feeling really confident about bringing in more business and actually converting it when I do.  I’m also going to follow up proposals now rather than just leaving them with the client."

Michelle Sokolich
Director – Show & Tell
The Fast Track Start Up Program™ Member


I came to Fiona looking for a clear direction on the ‘right’ tasks for my business and to increase conversions and sales. I was getting very low on my business funds and needed to gain back my confidence. After updating my offerings and adding a premium package, the next day I got my highest ever paying client with ease! The sales process has become comfortable and I feel congruent with what I say. I have now almost doubled my client base, had my second best month on record and have a clear insight into the direction I should be heading in. I now have good cash flow and have set up systems in place to secure future income and protect losing any future clients.

Michelle Bowater, Director

Here's a recap of what you'll gain:

  1. The EXACT 6-step system to teach you HOW to build your business from the ground up and fast track results in the next 6 – 12 months.
  2. ​Exclusive access to key strategies, templates, resources, video, training, downloads, tips, and my “Golden Nuggets" which we have spent years perfecting, and given to you on a silver platter


✓ Develop your own 90 Day Power Plan
✓ Create winning systems to position your business for growth
✓ Learn new sales skills to “ask for the sale" in a confident, natural way
Introduce low cost clever strategies to market your company and generate new top quality clients
✓ Create time saving strategies to help you Fast Track results and work fewer hours
✓ And to create the next steps for the success of your business
✓ On-going personal support – in our exclusive ‘members only’ Facebook group where you will have personal access to me, and importantly where you can interact with and get support from other members who are proactive business owners focused on growing their companies


✓ Learning at your own pace, anywhere and anytime
✓ Gaining access to the game changing strategies, templates and systems which have been PROVEN to work with hundreds of businesses like yours
✓ Has achieved results for hundreds of small to medium businesses
✓ Acknowledgement and Certification on completion of the program
✓ Fits in with your busy schedule

Are You Ready to Get Started to Transform Your Business?

Are you ready to FINALLY start seeing some REAL growth and money in your business?

LET’S Get Started TODAY – what you need is right here waiting for you, and this will be the BEST decision you make for your businesses future.