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SME’s fail rate within their
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Picture of Kim Taylor, Owner of Pages Print
"I had reached a point in my business where I needed a push to grow. Fiona was very easy to talk to and she has a keen ability to listen, interpret and understand different business issues. As well as the skill to cut through the many impediments that were holding me back, in my business. She quickly identified solutions that were achievable, realistic and specific to our needs. She provided us with practical tools and techniques that are simple to implement and easy to get the whole team on board with. Her planning and strategy sessions always leave me motivated and inspired. She gets what my business is all about!"

Kim Taylor
Owner – Pages Design & Print Services Ltd

"There are times in business when a fresh set of eyes and world experience is essential for you to grow, change or just reset. I have owned my own businesses for over 20 years, I approached Fiona for mentoring and coaching as we were/are going through an exceptional growth phase. It was one of the best decisions I have made, especially as it was proactive (rather than trying to put out fires). Fiona has helped guide my business through constructive input into systems, staff management, time management and so much more, her insights have helped shape us so we are in a future-proofed position. If you are considering a business influencer take the time to have a coffee with Fiona!"

Matt Piggin
Director – Millin Ltd

Natalie Brady in the kitchen with healthy food on the bench
"I couldn’t recommend Fiona enough! I came to her after being at a cross-road with my business. After working 1-on-1 with Fiona, she helped me to pull my business apart and put it back to together with structure, and a clear understanding of how my business can move forward and how I can reach my goals. Being newly self-employed I was feeling overwhelmed and was suffering from direction and lack of self-confidence. Fiona not only helped me gain clarity of where I wanted to take my business, but she also helped me gain more confidence in what I was doing which I can’t thank her enough for! Fiona also taught me some great tools which I use day-to-day to ensure I’m on track to achieving my goals!"

Natalie Brady
Registered Clinical Nutritionist - Natalie Brady Holistic Nutritionist

Leanne Korey from Family Focus Remedial Therapies
"I worked with Fiona because I felt stuck and wasn’t sure how to grow my business.  We quickly put simple systems and processes in place with existing and new clients and sales grew rapidly.  I created new information and marketing material which clearly explained what I do and the benefits to my patients, and this has led to me being invited to attend events and speak about my products and what I do.  All of this means a huge increase in self-belief when you see these good things happening.  My income has also increased by around 30% this year.  I could not recommend Fiona and what she does enough, it has been so valuable to me and my business."

Leanne Koorey
Director – Family Focus Remedial Therapies

Photo of Sharlene Ferguson
"Before working with Fiona, my biggest fear/worry about hiring a coach was that I’d end up spending a lot of money & not getting much out of it. I chose Fiona & her BreakThrough Women in Business Program after researching a huge number of coaches, because it was important for me to find someone who was capable & able to make a measurable difference to my business.I’ve worked with mentors in the past but Fiona is by far the best coach I have had! I definitely made the right choice! The results from working with Fiona & the BreakThrough Women in Business Program were a total success! Fiona has helped me organize, structure, set & meet targets, clarify and the amount that I’ve achieved working alongside her has been amazing!I have received real value working together with Fiona & I say if you are thinking of getting Fiona on board,Do it! You’ll see results quickly!

Sharlene Ferguson
Director – Focal Point Photos

Creative Web Designs Jeanine Pickford
"I was looking for a business coach to help me figure out how to reach my goal of taking my part-time business and making it full-time employment for myself. I came across Fiona and we worked together to develop a detailed plan for the next 12 months, with monthly tasks that will enable me to reach that goal. After using Fiona’s services I now have a clear plan for the coming months which I feel is very achievable. I can’t wait to come back again to see Fiona next year when I’m ready to tackle the next stage in growing my business!"

Jeanine Pickford
Director – Creative Web Designs

Show & Tell Logo
"Since joining the Fast Track Start Up Program™ I have written myself a comprehensive 90-day action plan and am actively checking in on it to make sure I’m on target. The systems module helped me realise that I’m more of a visual-tactile person so I’ve created a post-it note wall with my sales targets and pipeline – now it’s not hidden away on my computer and I look at it much more often. I’m also actually excited about sales!!!  It doesn’t feel half as scary anymore and I’m even looking forward to following up leads and putting my new skills into practice! The sales module has been a game changer for me. I’ve realised there were so many holes in my sales process that was losing me a lot of money!  I’m now feeling really confident about bringing in more business and actually converting it when I do.  I’m also going to follow up proposals now rather than just leaving them with the client."
shambhala life coaching logo
"I came to Fiona looking for a clear direction on the ‘right’ tasks for my business and to increase conversions and sales. I was getting very low on my business funds and needed to gain back my confidence. After updating my offerings and adding a premium package, the next day I got my highest ever paying client with ease! The sales process has become comfortable and I feel congruent with what I say. I have now almost doubled my client base, had my second best month on record and have a clear insight into the direction I should be heading in. I now have good cash flow and have set up systems in place to secure future income and protect losing any future clients."

Michelle Bowater
Director - Shambhala Life Coaching


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