Did you know that 41% of small-medium businesses are run by women?

Your HQ for business growth support and access. Tools, training and advice specifically designed for women in business in NZ and Australia. Find balance and financial success while taking your business to the next level with Breakthrough Business HQ.


The resources you’ll discover in Breakthrough Business HQ are designed to give you the strategies and systems you need to feel confident and in control of your business.

They’re designed to support women, teaching you the essential skills you need to grow your business by working smarter, building a marketing pipeline, confidently increasing sales and implementing systems that allow you the flexibility and freedom you want in your life.

They’re for women who are ready to gain real momentum and growth in their business, who refuse to sit back and settle for mediocre, who have big ambitions and who are ready to create their own version of success.

It’s time to start playing bigger

Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success! Let us help you find smarter and easier ways to create a successful business, on your terms.

Time to build your business & design your life



Fiona’s passion lies in supporting women in business to create that crucial balance between a successful business and a fulfilling home life. The strategies, tools & resources are accessible right here at Breakthrough Business HQ. We’ve created this helpful questionnaire so you can decide where to begin. By answering a few key questions, you’ll be able to identify what areas to celebrate, and which areas need attention.

Accessing the ‘Business Checklist’ is easy and free. Simply enter your name and email below and we’ll also email you a copy.


The strategies, skills and resources that Fiona has used to help women grow and succeed are all now accessible to you here at Breakthrough Business HQ.

Meetings Checklist

A free downloadable checklist to help you try and get in front of that all important contact.

8 Power Strategies for Business Success Ebook

Learn how to thrive & survive in any economy with these strategies

1-1 Coaching & Consulting

Coaching & consulting with one of NZ’s leading business growth specialists.


We have many products and services ideal for business owners in all stages of growth. Explore below to see which one best fits you and your business.

The Fast Track Business Box - $1997

A business box packed with practical workbooks, physical copy of the ebook, USB of templates, $1200 online program.

The Fast Track Online Program - $1200

7 modules, 24 step-by-step videos, 30+ template downloads, 1x coaching call and lifetime access.

Sales Training

Customised sales training workshops, tailored to your business & sales teams’ needs.


Client Success Stories and results generated for other clever women in business that I have been lucky enough to work with

Turned a part-time business into a full-time reality!

“I was looking for a business coach to help me figure out how to reach my goal of taking my part-time business and making it full-time employment for myself. I came across Fiona and we worked together to develop a detailed plan for the next 12 months, with monthly tasks that will enable me to reach that goal. After using Fiona’s services I now have a clear plan for the coming months which I feel is very achievable. I can’t wait to come back again to see Fiona next year when I’m ready to tackle the next stage in growing my business!”

Director – Creative Web Designs

Sales Module is a GAME CHANGER!

“Since joining the Fast Track Start Up Program™ I have written myself a comprehensive 90-day action plan and am actively checking in on it to make sure I’m on target. The systems module helped me realise that I’m more of a visual-tactile person so I’ve created a post-it note wall with my sales targets and pipeline – now it’s not hidden away on my computer and I look at it much more often. I’m also actually excited about sales!!!  It doesn’t feel half as scary anymore and I’m even looking forward to following up leads and putting my new skills into practice! The sales module has been a game changer for me. I’ve realised there were so many holes in my sales process that was losing me a lot of money!  I’m now feeling really confident about bringing in more business and actually converting it when I do.  I’m also going to follow up proposals now rather than just leaving them with the client.”

Director – Show & Tell

Fiona is by far the best coach I’ve had!

“Before working with Fiona, my biggest fear/worry about hiring a coach was that I’d end up spending a lot of money & not getting much out of it. I chose Fiona & her BreakThrough Women in Business Program after researching a huge number of coaches, because it was important for me to find someone who was capable & able to make a measurable difference to my business.I’ve worked with mentors in the past but Fiona is by far the best coach I have had! I definitely made the right choice! The results from working with Fiona & the BreakThrough Women in Business Program were a total success! Fiona has helped me organize, structure, set & meet targets, clarify and the amount that I’ve achieved working alongside her has been amazing! I have received real value working together with Fiona & I say if you are thinking of getting Fiona on board, Do it! You’ll see results quickly!

Director – Focal Point Photos


No matter where you’re at with your business – whether you’re just starting out, or have been self-employed for a while and wanting to step up – you’ll discover insight and tools that will take your business to a new level of success.

Let’s get started


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